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This edition of the Array Networks Customer Newsletter will focus primarily on the recent launch of Array’s new Network Functions Platform:

  • About the Network Functions Platform (with video overview)
  • How Array is delivering agility at scale and providing a simplified path to NFV adoption
  • Our Certified Platform-Ready ecosystem of networking and security vendor partners


To round things out, we’ll also provide quick summary and a set of links to recent articles, customer announcements, case studies, upcoming Webinars, and other goings-on at Array!

Quickly Deploy Virtual App Delivery and Security Functions with Guaranteed Performance!

Enterprise and service provider data centers continue to grow – in both complexity and expectations. Networking and security professionals are looking for ways to gain agility through software-centric approaches; however, many still rely on hardware to meet the requirements of business-critical operations.

The competing imperatives force a trade-off: opt for agility and face significant expense and complexity for guaranteed performance. Or, opt for dedicated hardware appliances and sacrifice agility. IT leadership is faced with an unfair choice that sacrifices one area for another and constrains their ability to achieve business objectives.

Array Networks is pioneering an innovative approach to eliminating this compromise. Our Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance for virtual networking and security functions.

View a video to learn more about how Array is providing a simplified path to NFV.


Network Functions Platform: Providing Agility at Scale

Array’s AVX Series Network Functions Platform provides guaranteed performance for networking and security services running on virtual machines. The platform is ideal for businesses that need virtualization for management flexibility, and performance for maintaining SLAs while reducing requirements for rack space and power consumption.

Software Centric Agility

Gain the flexibility of private cloud virtual infrastructure, with flexible sizing, functions, orchestration and pay-as-you-go consumption


Guaranteed Performance

Reserved CPU, memory, SSL and physical interfaces per VM deliver both superior performance and guaranteed performance


3rd-Party Ecosystem

Host Array application delivery virtual appliances or virtual appliances from best-of-breed networking and security vendors


Streamlined Path to NFV

Abstract complexity associated with virtual and physical port mapping, CPU pinning, NUMA boundary settings, SR-IOV and drivers

Array AVX
Superior Economics & Value

Reduce costs associated with space, power and cooling, drive efficiency through orchestration and minimize reliance on costly hardware

Click here to take a sneak peek into the May launch of Array’s Network Functions Platform; learn more about the only solution on the market to support virtualized networking and security functions with guaranteed performance!

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