Fortinet Fabric Connectors for SDN and Cloud

Automated Object Synchronization in SDDC and Hybrid Cloud Environments In increasingly dynamic network environments, security solutions must be ever more tightly coordinated with networking and other IT infrastructure to provide agility in the face of fast-paced and rapidly changing operations. Fortinet Fabric Connectors feature APIs and other interfaces to make them highly extensible platforms. They provide out-of-thebox or built-in… Đọc tiếp

Automate Network Management for the Fortinet Security Fabric

Complexity of Network Operations The challenges of increasingly complex and naturally fragmented infrastructures continue to enable a rise in cyber events and network outages. Too many point products deployed by most enterprises almost always operate in isolated silos with their own management consoles and automation frameworks that are narrow and only relevant for that one product. Subsequently, network operations… Đọc tiếp

The Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric addresses the security challenges mentioned above by providing broad visibility and control of an organization’s entire digital attack surface to minimize risk, an integrated solution that reduces the complexity of supporting multiple point products, and automated workflow to increase the speed of operation. Figure 1: The Fortinet Security Fabric enables multiple security technologies to work… Đọc tiếp