Upgrade Branch Infrastructures With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN CANNOT SUCCEED WITHOUT SECURITY While SD-WAN offers connectivity options, performance gains, and a cost advantage over traditional WANs, it has several shortcomings: Complexity. SD-WAN architectures can be difficult to troubleshoot and hard to manage across all the branches. This adds to the burden on limited IT staff and often creates defensive gaps for threats to exploit.Security. Without the… Đọc tiếp

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

A Unified WAN Edge, Powered by a Single OS, to Transform and Secure the WAN. Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking strategy tightly integrates an organization’s network infrastructure and security architecture, enabling networks to transform at scale without compromising security. This next-generation approach provides consistent security enforcement across flexible perimeters by combining a next- generation firewall with advanced SD-WAN networking capabilities. This… Đọc tiếp