100% Machine Learning Detection  FortiDDoS doesn’t rely on signature files that need to be updated with the latest threats so you’re protected from both known and unknown “zero-day” attacks. No “threat-protection” subscriptions required. Saves OPEX.  Massively Parallel Architecture  Parallel architecture provides 100% packet inspection with bidirectional detection and mitigation of Layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks even at… Đọc tiếp

FortiDDOS Overview

DDOS Attack Overview Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks remain a top threat to IT security and have evolved in almost every way to do what they do best: shut down access to your vital online services. Unlike intrusion and malware attacks, DDoS attackers have learned that they don’t need to attack only end-point servers to shut you down.… Đọc tiếp

Protecting again DNS Attack with FortiDDOS

DNS was designed for robustness and reliability, not security. It is vulnerable to multiple types of attacks that can compromise or take down a network. Types of DNS Attack 1. DNS Tunneling DNS tunneling exploits the fact that firewall administrators must open port 53 in order for DNS authoritative name servers to respond to queries from the Internet. The attacker… Đọc tiếp