Secure Access Gateway

1. AG Series AG Series secure access gateways are the ideal choice for enterprises and service providers seeking scalable and flexible secure access engineered to support next-generation mobile and cloud computing environments. Available as high-performance appliances that feature the latest in acceleration technologies and energy-efficient components or as virtual appliances that enable flexible pay-as-you-go business models, AG Series appliances… Đọc tiếp


1. AWF Array’s AWF Series Web application firewalls extend beyond traditional firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to provide comprehensive protection for business-critical Web applications. The AWF Series not only detects the complex Web application attacks of today, but also blocks the attack traffic in real time without affecting the normal flow of business data traffic. In addition, the… Đọc tiếp

WAN Optimize

1. aCelera Series Available on high-performance Array appliances or as software for cloud and virtualized environments, aCelera accelerates the transfer of data and improves the performance of business-critical applications across wide area networks. In addition, aCelera greatly improves bandwidth utilization, allowing businesses to reduce costs or increase ROI by doing more with less. Leveraging stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single… Đọc tiếp

Load Balancing and WAN Optimization for Application Acceleration

Achieving the highest level of application performance requires a combination of both data center and network optimization. In the data center, Array load balancing and application delivery solutions offload compute-intensive functions such as SSL encryption and connection handling from servers, enabling them to operate in their power band for maximum application performance. Across wide area networks and Internet connections,… Đọc tiếp

Server Load Balancing

Load balancing is a staple solution in virtually every data center. However, today’s application delivery controllers (ADCs) represent a considerable evolution from simple server load balancing methods. Array’s 64-bit multi-core SpeedCore® architecture supports massive throughput and millions of concurrent connections for scaling application availability without impacting application performance. In addition, integrated traffic management and application acceleration functions including SSL… Đọc tiếp

Web Applicsation Security

Array APV Series application delivery controllers offer a comprehensive suite of Web application security capabilities to protect against a wide variety of malicious attacks. WebWall® protects against DoS attacks as well as malformed URL attacks, and allows Layer 2 through Layer 7 protection policies to be stacked for increased security. Further, APV appliances are security hardened to protect against L4 and L7… Đọc tiếp

Application Delivery Controllers

1. APV Series APV Series application delivery controllers (ADCs) cost-effectively drive industry-leading performance across a robust set of availability, acceleration and security features to deliver unmatched overall value. Available as high-performance appliances that feature the latest in hardware acceleration and energy-efficient components or as agile virtual appliances that enable flexible pay-as-you-go business models, APV Series ADCs are engineered to… Đọc tiếp