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Managed Access Points

High Performance Reliability
EnGenius Managed Access Points provides wireless connectivity that’s flexible, scalable and reliable for a broad range of indoor applications.
Whether you are looking to connect a luxury home or offi ce or need to provide ultra-fast Wi-Fi access to a large resort or campus, Engenius Access Points meet the high-bandwidth requirements and features of today’s BYOD users.
No matter what size network you need to support, Access Points are flexible enough to meet your needs. Start small and grow or go big. Deploy and manage a few or 1,000+ APs on an unlimited number of networks distributed across various locations—regardless of their size and infrastructures. This is easily scales with your networking needs.
Features & Benefits:
• High-Capacity 11ac Wave 2 Speeds up to 2.5 Gbps
• Dual-Radio MU-MIMO Improves Performance, Expands Capacities
• Beamforming Technology Optimizes Signal, Reception & Reliability
• Operate as a Stand-Alone AP or Centrally Manage via Switch
• Remotely Manage 1-1,000+ APs via ezMaster™
• Versatile 4×4, 3×3 & 2×2 11ac & Single-Band 11n Models
• No Access Point Licensing or Subscription Fees
• GigE PoE-Compliant Ports Expand Deployment & Power Options
• Low-Profi le Ceiling, Wall-Mount & Wall Plate Designs Blend With Environment
• Mesh Wireless Support Simplifi es Setup, Optimizes Signals & Self-Heals (Select Models)

Ultra-Fast 11ac Wave 2 Speeds
EnGenius’ 11ac Wave 2 Access Points deliver the highest available speeds for Wi-Fi devices reaching 2.5 Gbps. Beamforming technology focuses signals directly to client devices, providing optimal, reliable reception even in densely crowded environments. Four spatial streams and dual-concurrent MU-MIMO radio operation sends beams to multiple users simultaneously, creating increased network capacity.
Flexibility in Deployment
Neutron’s versatile line of high-performance, managed, indoor ceiling- and wall-mount access points range from single-band 11n models to high-capacity 4×4 dual-band 11ac Wave 2 versions. Wall plate models serve as all-in-one communication “hubs” for in-room wireless connectivity. Configure APs individually as stand-alone units, locally manage up to 50 per Neutron Switch or use ezMaster software to control 1,000+ APs.

Optimize Connectivity With Wireless Mesh
Utilize mesh access point mode on select Neutron APs for retrofit or new install applications where wire runs are not possible. Mesh’s smart sensing technology adds devices quickly, optimizes routes between APs, and automatically self-heals the network in the event an AP should ever lose connection.
Protected by Advanced Encryption
With Neutron EWS APs, your network is protected from attacks at multiple levels through advanced wireless encryption standards such as Wi-Fi Protected Access Encryption and authentication. Network threats are quickly detected and avoided through rogue AP detection, email alerts and real-time wireless invasion monitoring, allowing for immediate action to divert network hacks and other security threats.

Secure Guest Networks
Organizations that offer Internet access to patrons or visitors—notably hotels, retail shops and restaurants—will appreciate Neutron’s guest network capabilities. Establish a secure guest network that blocks access to main corporate computers. Create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.

Power-over-Ethernet Convenience
All Neutron EWS Access Points feature at least one Gigabit PoE port, enabling placement in discreet locations where power outlets are scarce or unavailable. Power the APs through a connected Ethernet cable directly to a Neutron Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switch or with a PoE adapter up to 328 feet from the power source.
Simplified Deployment & Provisioning
In combination with Neutron Switches and ezMaster Network Management Software, Neutron EWS APs are automatically discovered and provisioned. One-click individual or bulk configurations and upgrades save time. In addition, these access points are quickly and easily deployed and operated by users with limited networking experience.

Manage Up to 50 APs with Neutron Switches
In small settings, any Neutron Managed Switch can act as a wireless controller capable of managing up to 50 Neutron EWS Access Points. IT administrators have access to all connected Neutron devices and a full array of Layer 2 management tools. Choose between PoE+ and non-PoE switch models with flexible deployment and management options.

Network Management Software

Flexible Distributed Network Management
ezMaster Network Management Software expands the flexibility and scalability of Neutron Series EWS Managed Access Points and Switches.ezMaster allows organizations, such as branch offi ces and managed service providers, to easily and affordably deploy, monitor and manage a large number of Neutron APs, Switches and IP Cameras across geographically diverse properties. Centrally manage an unlimited number of independent distributed networks in the same subnet or cross-subnets from a single, at-a-glance network dashboard, no matter where they’re located. Deploy ezMaster locally, remotely or via a Cloud-based service with or without an onsite controller.
Powerful, Scalable Options
ezMaster scales with your growing business needs. Manage 1,000+ Neutron EWS devices and 10,000+ concurrent users. Together, Neutron APs, Switches and ezMaster provide a flexible, fully integrated solution with redundancy support and future expandability for broader device connectivity.

Optimize Connectivity With Wireless Mesh
Recommended environment for managing up to 500 APs
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core or above
RAM: 4 GB minimumHDD: 500 GB (actual requirement dependent on log size)
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later + VMware® Player 7.0 or compatible virtualization software

Recommended environment for managing 1,000+ APs
CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 or aboveRAM: 4 GB minimum
HDD: 500 GB (actual requirement dependent on log size)
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later + VMware® Player 7.0 or compatible virtualization software

Browser Requirements
Internet Explorer 10 or better
Firefox 34.0 or better
Chrome 31.0 or better
Safari 8.0 or better

Network Topology Requirements
At sites where APs are deployed: A DHCP-enabled network for APs to obtain an IP address.

Simplifi ed Device Management
ezMaster Network Management Software makes centralized device management easy. How? Through bulk confi guration, provisioning and monitoring, a comprehensive at-a-glance network dashboard, rich analytics and reporting, and much more.

Software Features

• Centralized Management
– Confi gure, Managed & Monitor 1,000+ Neutron Devices
– Cross-Network AP Management
– AP Group Confi guration
• Access Point Confi guration & Management
– Auto Channel Selection
– Auto Tx Power
– Background Scanning
– Band Steering (Auto Band Steering & Band Balancing)
– Client Isolation
– Client Limiting
– Fast Roaming
– L2 Isolation
– LED On/Off Control
– Multiple SSID
– RSSI Threshold
– Secure Guest Network
– Traffi c Shaping
– VLAN Isolation
– VLAN Tag
• Comprehensive Monitoring
– Device Status Monitoring
– Floor Plan View
– Map View
– Rogue AP Detection
– System Status Monitoring
– Visual Topology View
– Wireless Client Monitoring
– Wireless Coverage View
– Wireless Traffic & Usage Statistics
• Management & Maintenance
– Bulk Firmware Upgrade
– Traffic Shaping
– Captive Portal
– Email Alert
– Kick/Ban Clients
– One-Click Update
– Remote Logging
– Scheduling
– Seamless Migration
– Syslog

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