The FortiWAN family of WAN Link Load Balancers are edge devices deployed on the boundary between enterprise LANs and the Internet. They aggregate multiple WAN links to deliver more bandwidth and higher reliability to enterprise users accessing Internet applications. FortiWAN can also create high-bandwidth, reliable, Virtual Private Links from branch to datacenter using patented techniques to “packet-bond” inter-site traffic.



Fortinet’s FortiWAN appliances provide the tools you need to manage and integrate WAN links into your network to create a Hybrid WAN using almost any ISP technology. Need back up connectivity? Want to add more bandwidth to your data center, remote offices, VPN or support free Wi-Fi for guest users? Need to expand your backhaul but don’t want to add to your MPLS costs?

FortiWAN Features:

  • Manage up to 3 Gbps of combined WAN throughput and up to 50 WAN links on a single device.
  • Support multiple link types from one or multiple carriers.
  • Seamlessly manage link outages with soft failover and automatic recovery.
  • Monitor link performance and route traffic to best links.
  • Securely aggregate multiple links into larger virtual private tunnels.
  • Provide inbound traffic routing with multihoming.

FortiWAN WAN Link Load Balancers are based on over 10 years of proven technology and experience that offer the latest in WAN Link Load Balancing features. From simple link back up capabilities that provide redundant connections to patented Tunnel Routing that creates secure virtual private lines out of multiple links, FortiWAN delivers the features you need to support today’s complex Hybrid WAN environments. The best way to showcase these features is to illustrate how they solve your problems. In the next section we’ll cover the top use cases for FortiWAN’s Hybrid WAN technologies to give you examples of how they can help solve your bandwidth and redundancy problems.

Common FortiWAN Use Cases:

In this section we’ll cover the top use cases for FortiWAN. Although a top use case is simple link backup for WAN connection redundancy, it’s generally understood by most IT professionals as a fundamental feature of a link load balancer. It will be referenced in the use cases below, but not highlighted as a use case by itself.

  • Add Bandwidth to a Single Location or Data Center
  • Securely Connecting Multiple Locations
  • MPLS Bridging (Multiple MPLS)
  • Deliver Cost-effective Wi-Fi Access
  • Adding Wireless to Your WAN


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