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QVR Guard

QVR Guard

The high-availability failover management app for QVR Pro

Uninterruptible Recording Tasks

QVR Guard is a high-availability failover management app for protecting QVR Pro from system failure and to ensure uninterruptible surveillance recordings. QVR Guard features failover functionality that automatically takes over recording tasks from a QVR Pro server if an unexpected system fault or hardware failure occurs (each NAS running QVR Guard can serve as a failover server for one NAS running QVR Pro). Recording files are saved on the QVR Guard NAS until the QVR Pro system reboots and functions normally. QVR Guard provides dependable redundancy for QVR Pro, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance recordings.

Timely Surveillance Mode

The QVR Guard toolbar shows the current work mode that reflects QVR Pro’s operating status, and administrators can react to system alerts in real time. QVR Guard records the failover time and tasks in detail, allowing IT staff to address issues as soon as they arise.

  • QVR Guard stands by while QVR Pro runs normally. The toolbar shows the current QVR Guard status – “Standby” or “Takeover”
  • QVR Guard will take over the surveillance recording tasks if QVR Pro is interrupted.

The Safeguard Behind QVR Pro

QVR Guard automatically checks the network connection, remaining recording space, and QVR Pro server’s operating status. It stands by and runs regular QTS workflows when the monitored QVR Pro server is working normally. If the network enters an abnormal status or disconnects, it will trigger the failover mechanism and QVR Guard will determine if it should take over surveillance recording tasks from QVR Pro. Users can manually log in to the QVR Guard server and view the QVR Pro IP camera settings to access necessary device information.

Be Prepared For Anything

When QVR Guard detects that QVR Pro is back to normal, QVR Pro will resume surveillance tasks and the recordings will be saved to the QVR Pro server again. Users can also manually check the footage taken during the failover period on the QVR Guard server to get the full picture of the situation. QVR Guard is the optimal failover solution to QVR Pro, and both applications ensure all critical moments are covered.

NAS system requirements

CPU Architecture x86-based (64-bit)
QTS Version 4.3.3 (or later)
Memory required* 4 GB
Apps required** Container Station

*Minimum requirements. 8GB RAM is recommended for the smoothest usage experience.
**Container Station will be installed automatically.

Note: For optimal failover management, it is recommended to use the same NAS model for QVR Guard and QVR Pro.

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