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QVR Center

QVR Center

QVR Pro Control Center

Centrally manage multiple QVR Pros for a greater surveillance experience

Distributed deployment, centralized management

Whether your organization is based in one building or sprawled across a large campus, QVR Center greatly simplifies your surveillance tasks by allowing central management of multiple QVR Pros installed in your offices, classrooms, public spaces, and other areas. You can also centrally monitor live feeds, play back surveillance footages and receive event notifications from multiple QVR Pros to reduce response times to events.

Note: Surveillance Station and VioStor NVR will be supported in QVR Center 1.1 version.

  • Batch Adding Servers

    Add and connect to multiple QVR Pro servers at once. You can rename the display name of servers for easy management.

  • Overview of Servers

    Display each QVR Pro’s status and show system status for potential troubleshooting.

  • Batch Managing Servers

    Save time in managing multiple servers by batch editing, stopping, activating, updating, and deleting QVR Pro servers.

  • Centralized Log Records

    Centrally store and show logs from all QVR Pros alongside QVR Center’s own logs. You can easily search logs by category and export logs for further troubleshooting.

  • Backup / Restore QVR Center Settings

    You can backup QVR Center’s settings with just one click and easily restore to the original settings with the backup file.

  • Backward Compatible

    With QVR Center, you can manage and monitor QVR Pro, QVR 5.1x and Surveillance Station*.

    *Partial functionalities supported

Customizable events dashboard

You can customize the events dashboard based on your needs and view the analytics of event frequencies or business peak hours from visualized graphics to easily address potential issues. In addition, you can put related “Widgets” into a “Group” to monitor them centrally.

Detailed role privilege settings

When adding new QVR Center users, you can assign the user with a role to quickly and easily set up privileges. Default roles include Administrator, Supervisor and Viewer and you can also create custom roles to authorize privileges for system management, viewing layouts, viewing cameras and viewing the e-map.

System Management Privilege Camera Privilege E-map Privilege View Privilege
New Role Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable

Centralized monitoring feeds from multiple QVR Pro servers

You can create a View and e-map from the feeds from multiple QVR Pro servers in QVR Center.

Event notifications from multiple QVR Pro servers

If an event occurs, an image of the event will be shown in the event notification column, including the images from the un-displayed cameras.

Monitor multiple QVR Pro server statuses

You can overview the connection status between QVR Center and each QVR Pro server. In an event where a camera feed isn’t displayed normally, you can easily troubleshoot the problem.


You can download the QVR Center app from the following locations. With QVR Center, you can manage up to 128 QVR Pro servers (requires the purchase and activation of a QVR Pro Gold license). Learn more: QVR Pro Gold License.

QVR Center QTS App Center
QVR Pro Client HD Station: Installed from within HD Station
Desktop (Windows, Mac and Ubuntu)

NAS system requirements

CPU Architecture x86-based (64-bit)
QTS Version 4.3.3 (or later)
Memory required* 4 GB
Apps required** Container Station

*Minimum requirements. 8GB RAM is recommended for the smoothest usage experience.
**Container Station will be installed automatically.

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