QNAP introduces new QM2 PCIe Cards

QNAP has extended the lineup of QM2 PCIe expansion cards with new models that support up to four M.2 SSD slots on a single card. “When faced with a performance bottleneck, the random read/write speed of the hard drives in a NAS is one of the decisive performance factors,” said Joan Hsieh, Product Manager of QNAP. “QM2 cards can… Đọc tiếp

PDF Phishing Leads to Nanocore RAT, Targets French Nationals

Malware developers use a variety of distribution methods in order to confuse users and evade certain AV solutions. Recently, FortiGuard Labs found a phishing campaign targeting French Nationals. In this campaign, a PDF file with an embedded javascript is used to download the payload from a Google Drive shared link. As it turns out, the downloaded file is an HTA (HTML… Đọc tiếp


Be a part of Fortinet annual conference series, at S361 Security this year. Some security changes are occuring in Vietnam, the speakers emphasize trends and knowledge as well as communication how to manage, diminish risk, minimize security risk, find out procedure and security verification and improve the resilience of the business effectively. Besides, Fortinet representatives shared practical solutions about… Đọc tiếp


ZyXEL switching solutions provide high-end, high-reliability and high-performance equipment based on extensive knowledge in telecommunication equipment designed to address the task of providing complete product portfolio. The most suitable solution for customers. Wireless LAN (Wireless LAN) has proven to be a viable solution for enterprise deployments of mobile connectivity. ZyXEL shows its stability and advanced structure through the value… Đọc tiếp

Enjoy the Benefits of Zyxel Nebula! | Zyxel

Zyxel for Business August 2017 Share On The Cloud-based Solution for User-Friendly Networking Deploying a new network is one of the toughest challenges a business's IT staff can face, especially when it comes to implementing a wired and wireless solution. Check out the benefits of Zyxel Nebula, a new approach that gives you the power to setup, configure, and… Đọc tiếp

Cloud vs. On-premises, What WORKS for your world? | Zyxel

Zyxel for Business July 2017 Share On On Premises or In the Cloud, What's Right for Your World? Everyone's talking about cloud-based network management, and it's difficult to see past the hyperbole. Sure, there are lots of benefits, but is the cloud the right direction for you? Find the best way forward for your business, according to the following… Đọc tiếp

ZYXEL: What is Cloud-based Network Management?

Explore what is cloud-based network management In some ways, providing network solutions for small and medium-sized businesses is just like space travel. Both involve technology. Both take years of experience to perform successfully. And both should really be left to the experts. But sometimes, even if you really know your stuff, it's hard to know what to do next.… Đọc tiếp

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